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      MB Investments LLC specializes in acquiring residential real estate and selling it at a profit.  5 years of continual growth has proven our business model successful in St Louis.  Our clients have received great returns, and many continue to increase their investments with us.  Research has shown us more opportunity than our financial position allows us to take advantage of.  This creates unique opportunities for both new and seasoned investors to receive attractive returns.  We are seeking new investors in St Louis to join our team and begin making 9% Annual Interest! Contact us today and make a simple, smart, real estate investment...

      Our strategy is simple.  Our model is transparent.  Our returns are predictable.  The MB Investment Business Model is simple to understand, and our profits are consistent.  Contact us today and let us show you how we can afford to pay 9% interest.

      The few neighborhoods that we invest in must meet strict criteria in order to be considered for investing.  Extensive research is conducted on each piece of real estate before being acquired by MB Investments.  Our long track record is not chance or luck, it is the product of hard work and intelligent decisions.  We are happy to share it all with our investors.

   Real Estate Investments
      The economic disaster that has hit this nation is no secret.  But with the storm comes opportunity.  Many new regulations have caused the banks to use very conservative lending practices.  This creates attractive opportunities for those who have liquid capital.  Our knowledge of real estate and ability to find deals continue to make all of our investors very happy. 

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